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The Humboldt County Sheriff's Posse is an all volunteer, non-profit organization dedicated to the support of the Sheriff's legal function to protect life and property in Humboldt County.

Specific responsibilities include:

  • Searching for lost persons.
  • Evacuating ill or injured persons from areas not accessible by conventional means.
  • Removing deceased persons from areas not accessible by conventional means.




We meet on the second Tuesday of each month for monthly squad meetings followed by training.  In addition to monthly trainings we also have monthly board meetings, weekend training, and a squad camp out.  Additionally there are many opportunities to work on community outreach at schools, public events and private meetings. 

Some searches are planned, such as evidence searches, most are not.  It is impossible to guess when and where the next search will be.  We are happy to have members from all over the county.  Once we have been called to search, members can meet and gather equipment at our central meeting place in Eureka.  Members who live at the ends of the county typically take their own vehicles and meet the squad at the site.  That allows for the quickest possible response time.

At a search we are supported by a representative from the Sheriff's department.  We are given assignments as teams of two, and work together with the incident commander to make a search plan.

Photos courtesy of Ferndale Enterprise
Interested in joining the Posse?

We are always looking for individuals who are willing to:

s  Participate in SAR activities

s  Function in any type of weather

s  Maintain standards of physical ability

s  Develop and maintain SAR skills taught in monthly meetings

s  Commit to at least 2 years of service

s       A United States citizen
s       Humboldt County resident
s       At least 18 years of age
s       Valid CA driver’s license
s       High School Diploma or GED
s       Current first aid and CPR card

For more information click here to e-mail the posse or call 268-2500

In addition, the following requirements must also be met:

s       Return completed application with copies of CA Driver's License, valid first aid card, CPR card.
s       Attendance and successful completion of oral exam.
s       Receive background packet from Sheriff's department.
s       Upon acceptance into the Posse, provide uniform and personal search equipment at member's expense.
s       If you are or will be unable to comply with the qualifications and above stated requirements, please do not apply for membership.

Photos courtesy of Ferndale Enterprise

Download Application:

Humboldt County Sheriff's Posse  Application

Complete applications, include copies of CA Driver's License, Valid First Aid Card, and CPR card and mail to:

Humboldt County Sheriff's Posse
P.O. Box 410
Eureka, CA 95502

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